the spiritual Principle

Commitment vs. Freedom

or: the Greed for TRUTH

Characters with a problem of Individualism believe they have no inherent worth and therefore create a charismatic persona. They want to be special or original and are afraid to be not. They imagine themselves better than they are and are longing for true and sincere love to confirm their story. But their identity is merely a fiction: thus they avoid real commitment to not be found out and face their banality. It’s their Individualism that keeps them lonely, seeking for their perfect match.
SELBSTBESTIMMUNG TOLERANZ KONTROLLE IDENTITÄT ÜBERLEBEN ERFOLG innerer Konflikt – STATUS innerer Konflikt – Wahrheit innerer Konflikt – Macht innerer Konflikt – Frieden


spiritual Principle





+ charismatic
- ambiguous

accept being rejected
take final decisions
show helplessness

No Faith: not allowed to
believe in one's Truth


Fear builds Character

Desire shapes Relationships

Greed for
Commitment vs. Freedom

General View
Nothing is real, Life is but a dream.

Commitment, Relationship


Lost, Lonely

Greed for
Commitment vs. Freedom

I deserve true love/more than I got at home

(Re)invent my self or define who I am better to find people that truly like + love me


Greed for
Commitment vs. Freedom

DOGMA [+ Flaw ]
My Life is Special
[ Other people’s lives are banal ]
People guided by a spiritual Principle believe they understand the mysteries of the universe better than others and therefor should be able to manifest the best life they can dream of for themselves. They want to be special and unique, and struggle to settle with who they actually are. They want to become more and more individual, and write their own life-story on their own terms. Yet they think that they are not yet true to their actual self. They think they still have to become themselves and have to find out more about their inner truths. They secretly think their life has no value if they can’t live up to their dream about themselves and become who they « actually » are. They can’t believe in a love that is just there. They can’t believe anyone really likes them just the way they are.

That’s why they seek the truth. They think if they find out whats Right + Wrong they can make others like them. So they reinvent themselves over and over again and seek love for their current-selves. But what they actually want is confirmation. They want to be right, because they think they need to be, in order to earn a place in life. They feel insecure, because they hide who they are and are afraid of being found out. Deep down they don’t believe that they are fundamentally ok, but that there is something wrong with them. They desire their own truth, because they fear the judgment of others. On the one hand they want to commit to finally get the love they deserve, but on the other hand they’d rather stay undefined to stay in control of their story and thus never be judgable.

They don’t want others to decide who they are. They believe in equality and that no-one should tell them how to live their life. They struggle to commit, because they want love without boundaries. They think they would lose their individuality in a committed relationship, and thus what’s truly them. They think they can only be free on their own, but they feel that there is no real freedom in loneliness and randomness. But when they commit they can’t believe the love they get is real. Because they are not. They don’t trust. They can’t show their true face, because they judge themselves for their banality. They don’t want to accept other peoples truths, because they think it reduces them and threatens their very right to exist. To protect their freedom and identity they withdraw from people who are not like them and tend to become self-righteous about their way of life. They themselves want to define what’s true and what’s not and make others accept their version of the truth, no matter what. So they set out to become the « best version of themselves » and find a perfect match: a partner, that is equally individual, yet also happens to be just like them.