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Script Consulting for your screenplay, novel or any other narrative project.

Hi, I'm Jerry. I'm a Berlin based story-fanatic and I help authors to dive deep into their character's minds, so they can craft meaningful touching storys that feel alive and connect to the human heart + soul.


Understanding both sides of your story. – with the Roadmap for Storytellers.

In a consulting session I use my own storytelling system, the Roadmap to dive deep down into the narrative structure of your work and find the archetypal conflict that suits your narrative best.

I'll help you emphasize what matters most to you within your story, properly setup + resolve your hero's conflict and create vivid 3-dimensional characters that engage with any audience, because their struggle is coherent and thus feels real.

Together we'll...

... examine the shadows of your hero and
uncover your story's deeper aspects + universal themes

... find out the flawed logics and true motivations of your characters and define their goals, needs + fears more clearly.

... analyse your story's setup and dramatic mechanisms, and discover new creative elements to add tension + conflict.


‚ÄčMy Pricing is flexible and adapts to your needs, but 
in every consulting session we'll find the weak spots of your project's status quo and you'll get feedback + insights that empower you to develop your story + strengthen your message while staying true to your initial vision.

I love supporting ambitious projects!
So if you urge to finally make meaningful progress
with your writing, we'll find a way to make ends meet.

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